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Zinc Supplement
Ionic Zinc Liquid 2oz - Organic Zinc- Made in the USA - Best Zinc Citrate Supplement for Immune Health Support - High Absorption Zinc Drops
The best of nature for you!
Iodine is an element providing thyroid support. It helps to boost your metabolism & immunity, avoid hormone disbalance, and control your weight! Dr. Wade's supports the right iodine balance, essential for human health. The highly absorbing liquid formula works much better than any other form of iodine supplements, providing faster results. Improve your health with us!
Chlorophyll is a green molecule in plants with scientifically proven deodorizing & immune support properties beneficial for human body. Dr. Wade's liquid Chlorophyllin absorbs better than any other forms of chlorophyll providing faster results. Improve your health with us!
Vital for our health, Selenium plays a leading part in many body processes. This mineral maintains Heart health, Cognitive function, Immune system, and even Fertility. As one of the most powerful antioxidants, it plays an important role in overall wellbeing and the health of the immune system. Selenium neutralizes excess free radicals and protects cells from damage caused by oxidative stress, which reduces inflammation and enhances immunity.
Our drops are enriched with Cranberry extract, one of the natural sources of iodine! Moreover, this northern berry is famous for its powerful detoxifying effect. The regular use helps your skin, hair, nails, teeth & gum health due to a unique combination of natural antioxidants, amino acids and a number of vitamins such as C, E, B, PP, K1. Perfect natural blend for your health!
Our clients love us
Amy Reed
I had bought the liquid chlorophyll a week ago. I just take about 18 drops each morning on an empty stomach and let it do it's magic. My skin looks great, I have more energy in the morning, and so far it's done great for what I originally bought it for, deodorant! I would recommend this product (and have) to any and everyone. Love this stuff!
Ethan Thompson
I'm so glad I bought this. I began to realize the symptoms I was experiencing could be from an unsupported liver. I was told selenium would be good for liver support and help it detox itself as it should, and after 2 weeks taking this the major symptom is completely gone. Feels like a miracle. I don't feel like many people get to experience the joy of health actually improving so dramatically. I couldn't be happier.
Lillian Murphy
I've been fighting adrenal fatigue for three years, maybe longer. This is going to sound absurd, but this product literally gave me my life back. It's been less than a week that I've been taking it and already I've gotten back out on my bike, my mental state at work is finally clear again and my social life has bounced back into full gear.
Each Dr. Wade's product is a perfect example of the highest quality healthcare supplement. Our tinctures are Made in USA by the FDA & GMP compliant facility, and 3rd-Party tested. If you have questions about our products - please, contact us, and we will gladly assist you!
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